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The history of The Perfect Drift Fly Fishing Club would not be complete without first winding back the clocks to 1872. It was then that Crystal Lake Resort – the forbearer to the Club - and the adjoining town of Pine were born. The late Nineteenth century saw the rise of the timber industry,Aerial-1.jpg and seeking to capitalize on the vast wooded resources on the Front Range, the Denver-South Park & Pacific Narrow Gauge Railroad built 340 miles of track from Denver to Leadville Colorado, mainly to transport cut timber. Pine Grove (now Pine) sprung up to serve as a coaling and water station for the trains and Crystal Lake soon developed into a favorite picnic resort area. Amenities included a dance pavilion and billiards parlor. By the mid 1880's, there were regular fishing trains that would stop at points along Platte Canyon including Crystal Lake to let off ardent fishermen. When they wanted to return to Denver with creels full, they would simply wave down the train with a handkerchief that would stop and let them aboard.

In the 1920's Charles Eggert bought Crystal Lake and founded the Eggert Ice Co. furnishing much of Denver's ice, cut from the Resort's lake, shipped via the railroad. Eggert built ice-storage, a bunk house and the Crystal Lake Lodge. A very popular restaurant was operated at the Lodge from the 1940's until 1972.

The present owners, the Jones family, acquired the resort in 1993 with the idea of gradually rebuilding this historic site to it' former grandeur. The first step in this restoration was the opening of the refurbished Ice House, Ice storage, and bunk houses as the Crystal Lake Bed and Breakfast.

In 2005, the Jones family founded The Perfect Drift Fly Fishing Club to recapture the unique, pristine fishing experience from days gone by.
The Club

The Perfect Drift Fly Fishing Club combines the natural and unspoiled club_house1.jpgchallenges of Rocky Mountain fly fishing with the classic comforts of a private membership.

With membership limited to 40 anglers and spouses, the Club is not only a unique and valuable opportunity - it is a one-of-a-kind fishing experience unrivaled along the Front Range.

The River

The Club sits on a stretch of the North Fork of the South Platte River, which begins at the Roberts Tunnel in Grant, and collects a number of natural creeks and tributaries. Thus, the river is neither a pure tailwateThe-Perfect-Drift-044.jpgr nor a pure freestone, resulting in a technically challenging and intriguing environment that demands a well-stocked fly box, and innovation from anglers. The river actually changes character as it flows through the property, starting in a canyon with large boulders, glassy pools and pocket water, transitioning through a series of riffles and sweeping runs, and finally meandering through a meadow, with cut banks, back-channels and braided water. All the water holds catchable fish: rainbows, browns, cutthroats, and hybrids, ranging from naturally reproducing fingerlings to 24-inch-plus fish that approach 10 pounds. Season can be year-round, although typically runs from March through November.